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What's it about

Condo Free is the tool with which the condominium administrator can create condominium websites under his/her management providing and distributing communications and documents online... Completely Free.

Thanks to Condo Free, unit owners can consult and extract copies of documents in the digital format.


Condominium administrator


Condo Free offers unit owners free web space to manage their activities and communicate in a rapid, reliable and easy manner with the unit owners.

Register as an administrator for FREE and create your condominiums.

Invite unit owners to register, inserting their email address.

Store and manage all the documents relating to your condominium... You will discover the simplest way to optimize your communications and speed up your daily activities.

In detail, Condo Free allows the administrator to:

  • manage the registry (Household Units, Owners, Conductors, Usufructuaries)
  • online storage of documents (minutes of meetings, payment notices, general communications, reports, etc.).
  • controlled access to data (creation of user groups with different data access rights)
  • full optimization of administration activities (for example, you can send notice of meeting with just a simple click)
  • new ways of communicating with the unit owners (online contacts log-book and Skype)

Surprise your customers by offering a high quality service, simple and innovative and above all, at no extra cost!

Register to Condo Free now!


Unit owner


Register to Condo Free upon invitation from the administrator and get full access to all the information regarding the condominium management, at any time and from any device connected to the Internet.

You can also access Condo Free using your Google+, Yahoo!, Facebook accounts too...

Thanks to Condo Free, you can:

  • have access to data and documents relating to the administration of your condominium
  • control your condominium costs
  • consult the minutes of meetings, reports and resolutions
  • receive communications and notices in a timely manner and free of charge